Meet The Chaplain

For those who don't know Mohammed Tayssir Safi, we couldn't have hoped for a better chaplain. Young,intellectual, spiritual, compassionate - Tayssir has been able to connect with Michigan students exactly as was needed. And it's not just Muslims who are drawn to him - he has been invited to speak at multiple churches, campus events, work with administration - even the Michigan Daily wrote an article on him entitled, "What Makes a Holy Man?".

Mohammed Tayssir Safi was born in Dubai but grew up nearly his whole life in Ann Arbor, eventually graduating from the University of Michigan in 2006. After college, Tayssir pursued Arabic & Islamic Studies for about 2 years in Egypt and Yemen, and upon returning to America began working as a youth director for the Muslim Community of Western Suburbs in Canton, Michigan - one of the first ever full-time youth directors in North America. In 2011 Tayssir began a Masters degree at the University of Michigan, and became part-time chaplain on campus during this time. His love for the job and the students love for him made it an easy choice for him to go fulltime last fall as our Michigan Muslim Chaplain.